The Pink Trees<div>20\" x 20\"</div><div>oil on canvas</div><div>2015</div>The Siblings<br>48" x 36"<br>Oil on canvas<br>2011<br>River Landscape<br>20" x 20"<br>Oil on canvas<br>2013<br>The Sisters (green)<div>20\" x 20\"</div><div>oil on canvas</div><div>2015</div>
The Exhibition<br>48" x 60"<br>Oil on canvas<br>2012<br><br>Elephant Ears Triptych<br>40" x 90"<br>Oil on canvas<br>2012<br>The Yellow Chimney<br>36" x 48"<br>Oil on canvas<br>2013<br>The Balcony<br>60" x 36"<br>Oil on linen<br>2014<br>
The Sisters<div>24\" x 24\"</div><div>oil on canvas</div><div>2015</div>The Grey Barn<br>30" x 40"<br>Oil on canvas<br>2013<br><br>Luncheon in the Aspens<br>48" x 60"<br>Oil on canvas<br>2014<br>The Solstice Party<br>48" x 72"<br>Oil on linen<br>2014<br>
On The Terrace<br>48" x 60"<br>Oil on canvas<br>2014<br>The Park<br>48"" x48"<br>Oil on canvas<br>2013<br>Jean<div>48\" x 48\"</div><div>oil on canvas</div><div>2015</div>The Grey Dog<br>48" x 48"<br>Oil in canvas<br>2013<br>
Beach Walkers<div>48\" x 60\"</div><div>oil on canvas</div><div>2015</div>The Seagull<div>48\"  48\"</div><div>oil on canvas</div><div>2015</div>The Black Dress<br>48" x 36"<br>Oil on canvas<br>2014<br>Street Scene<div>24\" x 24\" </div><div>oil on canvas</div><div>2015</div>
First Tux<br>40" x 30"<br>Oil in canvas<br>2014<br>The Reunion<div>36\" x 36\"</div><div>oil on canvas</div><div>2015</div>Sisters<br>30" x 24"<br>Oil on canvas<br>2014<br>At the Gallery<br>48" x 60"<br>Oil on canvas<br>2012
The Pink Dress<br>48" x 60"<br>Oil on canvas<br>2012The Dinner Party<br>48" x 60"<br>Oil on canvas<br>2012The Critic<br>30" x 40"<br>Oil on canvas<br>2012The Pink Tie<br>36" x 36"<br>Oil on canvas<br>2012
The Orange Dress<br>
30" x 40"<br>
Oil on canvas<br>
2011At the Exhibition<br>
48 x 60"<br>
Oil on canvas<br>
2012The Beach<br>48" x 60"<br>Oil on canvas<br>2012The Green Bathing Suit<br>
48" x 60"<br>
Oil on canvas<br>
The Blue Umbrella<br>
24" x 24"<br>
Oil on canvas<br>
2012The Orange Bathing Cap<br />
40" x 30"<br />
Oil on canvas<br />
2012The Striped Suit<br />
40" x 30"<br />
Oil on canvas<br />
2012The Yellow Shoes<br />
24" 24"<br />
Oil on canvas<br />
Siblings<br>48" x 36"<br>oil on canvas<br>2010<br>Urban Scene<br />24" x 24"<br />Oil on canvas<br />2010Farmhouse<br />48" x 48"<br />Oil on canvas<br />2012Tidewater Farmhouse<br />30" x 40"<br />Oil on canvas<br />2011
Tidewater Farmhouse I<br>24" x 24"<br>oil on canvas<br>2011<br> 
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